I was born with an eye for color and a passion for pattern. My artistic sensibilities simmered while I studied math, economics, and computer system design. After college, I took up needlepoint which appealed to my mathematical sense and I found delight in repeating motifs.

I was exposed to different creative palettes living in Libya as a young child and in Mexico and Brazil as a young adult. I was nourished by folk art, pottery, clothing, carpets and architecture. I learned to knit and returned to the U.S. designing complex, vibrant garments. It was truly one of the epiphanies of my life when I came across a knitting book by Kaffe Fassett. His ability to integrate color and pattern resonated deeply within me.

I purchased a computer-programmable knitting machine and for ten years I was obsessed with the creation of wearable art, using repeating patterns as a framework for vivid colorations. I continue to use knit pieces in my collages.

In the last ten years, I have formally studied drawing, collage, assemblage, and composition. My introduction to beading several years ago supplied the missing link needed to mesh my needlepoint and knitting with monoprints, fabrics, paper and natural materials. Recently, my art has involved photography. I set up and shoot still lives, print the image on cloth, and embellish the resulting image with embroidery, beading, needlepoint, polymer clay, wire, and ribbon.

When I reflect upon my artistic path, I feel gratitude that I have been able to synthesize my disparate interests. My curiousity and reverence for the natural world are undimiinished by time. I like the notion of a "still" life in a culture of frenzied activity. I celebrate the visual complexity of simple things. I can only hope that my audience shares the harmony, peacefulness and joy that my art affords me.

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