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Merry Go Round

I made this piece because it made me happy. It required the use of many techniques, a fair amount of planning and some problem solving - all my strengths and interests. It started out with a 1950s lazy susan. I built a hexagonal floor using popsicle sticks. I painted the floor with a variety of finishes to achieve an old look.

For the roof, I made a hexagon out of copper tubing and covered it first with fabric then with ribbons and beads. The beadwork around the edge of the top was made on a bead loom.

The center support is a hexagonal piece of needlepoint and beading. I included photo transfers of figures found in early 20th century carousels.

The animals were sculpted out of polymer clay. I used some wire inside for support and used dowels to support the animals and attach them to the floor.

I have never had more fun making art than this piece! Enjoy the photos.
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